Porting of number to other service provider

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Porting of number to other service provider

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Hi, I am having trouble porting my existing number with Vodafone to Skinny Direct. I have tried multiple requests to transfer the number over after activating my new SIM card, but every time it fails. I have tried contacting online help from both Vodafone and Skinny. The guys from Skinny told me they can't see the problem from their side, and adviced me to try seeking the solution from Vodafone instead. And so, I seeked help from the online chat from Vodafone, and they could not see any issues why I am not able to port my existing number over to Skinny (I do not have outstanding bill payments). So can someone advice me on anything? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Porting of number to other service provider

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@TerenceTanThis is a question you need to be asking Skinny NOT Vodafone. If they are requesting a port (SOM) from Vodafone, it will only be rejected for one of two reasons (AND Skinny can see this reason code on the SOM)

- Incorrect Losing Service Provider (either, the number is not with Vodafone, or has been disconnected with Vodafone)


- Incorrect Losing Service Provider Account (The account number provided is invalid. Or, you're on prepay and provided the GSP with an account number not a SIM number, or vice versa, If you're On Account and you provided the GSP a SIM number not an account number.


Feel Free to Private Message me your number and I will take a look at the SOM and see why it was rejected.

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