Plan Error

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Plan Error

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by brooklnw New Poster
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Hi, I've already called customer care three times and it still has yet to be resolved (I've been told I'd be called back twice and so far no calls back!)


So I cancelled my current my flex prepay (couldn't figure out how to switch to mates, but ended up just giving up on changing my plan) and then made a new plan that cost $20. I topped up $20, got debited $20 and got a text saying my plan was all ready to go and that my balance had gone below $5. Refreshed my MyVodafone app, and kept getting "failed to refresh, try again" so I relogged and have since been getting "Failed to load data" and cannot use my texts, calls OR data. 


The last two people at VF I spoke to were very helpful and apologetic, but neither could resolve the error, and the last one said she'd lodge a request for IT-- this was at around 7.30am this morning-- which is super inconvenient because I cannot use my plan (unlim texts, 120(?) minutes and 1.5gb data for $20) and when i try and text any number I get "you do not have enough credit to send a text, top up now".. even though the people at VF said that my plan was active on their end.


Is there anything else I can try or am I stuck waiting as I refuse to call again just to be told it's been lodged with IT or "can I call you back?" but not getting a call back or anywhere, all the meanwhile my plan is losing it's usage.

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Re: Plan Error

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get used to it they never call back..


ive had issues since november and called over 40 times they never fix the issue and they never call back.


if you get frustrated or angry (as you would after 40 calls) they just talk over you and ignore you

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