Phone calls going silent at one end

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Phone calls going silent at one end

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We have a problem where randomly after a couple of minutes into a phone call the received audio drops out.

The person who made the call can still hear the person they called, the person who received the call can't hear anything but can be heard fine by the person who made the call. The call stays connected in this state until someone hangs up.


We thought it was a problem with my mum's phone receiving calls because she's had it from more than one person, but now my sister has started having the same problem. 


Here's what we have worked out, and it doesn't shed much light :

- we all have completely different phones so it's probably not related to a handset or a sim card

- it's always the person who received the call who loses the audio

- we're all on vodafone, a mix of accounts and prepay


Anyone else had this problem, or have any ideas about things to try ?




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