My flex prepay

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My flex prepay

by Cmrowley1 New Poster
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I have a My Flex prepay for nz. Csn i set up a prepay auto top up
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Re: My flex prepay

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post. Yes, you can. We have 2 auto Top Up options available:

  1. Auto - when your credit goes below $5, we auto Top Up your account (with the amount you specify) from a credit card
  2. TXT alert - again when you drop below $5 we'll TXT you to remind you to Top Up.


Details on this web page.



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Re: My flex prepay

by Frequent Poster JoBowers Frequent Poster
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Please bring back the option to auto top-up monthly or every 28 days so it matches the plan you are on.  We now have to manually top up every month since you took this option away.

The cynic in me would say you want users to lose their carry-overs....

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