Multiple issues mean time for a change.

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Multiple issues mean time for a change.

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I have been a loyal Vodafone fan for many years. Even in this message board I have defended the service, especially for international travel. However times do change and the last 12 months of just getting no action have now got me using the opposition part of the time. In fact I am now likely to move all our services in 2019.

My reasons for swapping providers are multiple, but the main reason is lack of reception. My summary of reasons are as follows:

Vodafone first said they upgraded our local network to make it better, but after complaints now say no changes have been made. However we have gone from being able to use our phones anywhere on our property to now only using them in one corner outside or from an upper floor. Often my phone will go for hours saying no service. Even when it does show one or two bars calls do not get through and go straight to answerphone. Notification of the call may take up to an hour to arrive. This creates serious issues. Just before Christmas I had been trying to receive urgent calls from my wife and daughter overseas due to changed flights and delays. They just kept getting my voice mail and in the end gave up and rang me on a Telecom number. All three Vodafone connected phones in the house have this issue (Xs, Xr and 6s). We have purchased a new Xs Plus iPhone from Telecom phone for when we are on call. We run a nationwide emergency elp desk that people pay for and expect immediate assistance. The Telecom phone has no connection issues.

I have tried so many things but I simply cannot get the Facetime message reading "Your service provider may charge for SMS messages used to activate Facetime." This message is appearing up to 20 times a day and almost every time I use the phone. Currently Apple say it is a provider message and vodafone say talk to Apple. The latest suggestion from vodafone is turn off imessages and other apple services to stop it. My iphone shares data with my ipad, and both laptops - telling me to turn off the very features I bought the phone for seems bad advice.

Very importantly I always stayed with Vodafone as it has been excellent when travelling overseas. Turn on the phone when landing and it just worked. Likewise it stayed connected which was important in some areas where the phone was part of your emergency package. Sadly this is now becoming an issue. Access in China and Australia can take a couple of hours to connect after landing or tuning back on. I love the $5 a day to carry on using my phone as normal when overseas, but you need to be able to connect to take advantage of this.

I really do not need Vodafone texting me in the evening with prize competitions. But you can not simply reply to the message to opt out. Vodafone advise they can block all calls from Vodafone to my phone but not just the advertising ones. This seems to fly in the face of legislation saying there must be an opt-out. To make the opt-out also cancel important service announcements is forcing people to continue to receive ads.

Equally frustrating is the recent new pest calls from Australia where there is no-one on the other end of the line and when you call back you are told the number does not exist or is not available. Again this does not happen on the Telecom phone. Vodafone advise any number can be blocked, but these spam calls are from a different number every time.

As previously posted, the App has gone from being a useful tool that worked quickly and efficiently to a bloated sales pitch that can take up to 30 seconds to even load. It also needs updating on a regular basis. Gone is the simplicity of being able to see a summary of all usage on a single screen and being able to allocate space to them by the simple drag of a button. Now I need to go into each family member and do checks separately. To manage data limits is not logical and involves at least 3 or 4 unnecessary steps.

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