Lost connection

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Lost connection

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Hi. Lost connection from about 6.30pm last night to mid afternoon today.
Wondering if there was a reason for this?
And if there will be compensation for 20 hours without service?
I'm in Reefton 

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Re: Lost connection

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There was a fibre issue on the Chorus network which impacted our cell sites in the area.


There wouldn't be any compensation, in line with T's & C's


3.2 Coverage and Mobile Services can be adversely affected by radio interference, atmospheric conditions, geographic factors, Network congestion, maintenance, outages on other networks and provider sites, the configuration or limitations on your, or your intended recipient’s mobile device, or other operational and technical difficulties which mean that you may not receive some or all of the Mobile Services in certain areas or at certain times.

NOC Engineer | Vodafone NZ
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