International Prepay roaming top-up

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International Prepay roaming top-up

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So my slightly technophobic better half is overseas for 4 weeks using a iPhone on a pre-pay SIM.


She signed up for the $19 weekly plan, which was great until it was nearly up. It seems she is unable to request a new $19 top-up until the old one expires. Which it does at midnight NZ time. So it seems that unless she sets an alarm and remembers to buy a new top-up at a few seconds past 1pm where she is, then her phone *will* consume some data at $10/MB.


Today, she didn't even get the warning text messages about the expiry, so her phone used up her whole $58 pre-pay balance that should have been sufficient for the remainder of her trip, before she even realised.


This is to me, quite bonkers.


If you're roaming, and you've already signed up for a $19 week, why would you not have a means to automatically renew?


And why is there no 'data angel' for pre-pay users, who are probably more price-sensitive than on-account users?


This is arguably a bait-and-switch tactic.

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Re: International Prepay roaming top-up

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear about the account usage issue. The Add-Ons are set to just last a week so that customers can choose to renew or for example just get an additional daily Add-On. Unfortunately, we have seen the same issue in reverse when auto Top Ups are not required but have been set.


I hope your better half's trip has not been spoiled by this incident.



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Re: International Prepay roaming top-up

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Hi @MikeHales,


Lasting only a week is fine. The problem I have is that it seems you can't top-up until your 7 days have *expired*, so there is always a window where you will be on casual rates; which are, quite frankly exhorbitant - $10/MB is obscene.


In my wife's case, and I could tell from WhatsApp what time she went offline, she was on casual data for all of 7 minutes, and didn't do anything on her phone. Just background iPhone stuff used up 5MB while she was probably having lunch with her family, and bang! there goes $52, which should have lasted her the rest of her trip, including her monthly pre-pay 'plan' and two 7-day top-ups (including the one she was trying to add that day).


You should be able to top-up on day seven and have it *add* another 7 days, so that you can avoid ever being on casual data. I think the operator I spoke to said that you should be able to do this, but whenever my wife tried, she was unsuccessful.


Perhaps you could come up with another option besides RA5 and RA19, maybe a 'RA19AR' for 'Auto-renew', that will automatically 'turn-off' if the user returns from overseas.



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