How to make a complaint

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How to make a complaint

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I would like to know how to make a complaint!

I rang the customer service at lunch time due to my unexpected bill. I was not happy with the solution that she offered. I asked for someone higher up to talk to, the answer is no one. Therefore, I said that I would take it to facebook etc (media) and the ladies encouraged me to do that! What service is that...

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Re: How to make a complaint

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@LW1  This is covered in the help section of the main VodafoneNZ site


I searched complaint


What is the unexpected bill? If it's a valid invoice then you can't really complain about it

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Re: How to make a complaint

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In my Exp. and many of those that visit here VF's internal complaints fall on deaf ears. If you want action the go straight to the TDR

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Re: How to make a complaint

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Send an email to Mr Paris the CEO.....     That seems to work.   

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