How to cancel monhtly plan on mobile?

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How to cancel monhtly plan on mobile?

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Hi all,


This is my situation (and its a tough one):


  • The account is not under my name (bridge is burned with the particular person, no contact at all)
  • I am billed $80 a month to my home address under my name
  • I have forgotten the pin number (set 5+ years ago)

Is there any way I can jump off this monthly billing cycle/create a new account without getting billed constantly/change provider and not be billed monthly or just cancel it completely?


I have tried to contact vodafone but as I do not remember my pin number and the account is not under my name, they said they cannot help.


As I said earlier, I have 0 contact with the primary account holder.


This $80 a month is a lot more than I can afford and its hurting me financially so any advice is appreciated.


Thanks in advanced!


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