How many times do you have to call Vodafone CustomerServices

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How many times do you have to call Vodafone CustomerServices

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I am sending this because I am appalled and frustrated at the Customer  Service I have been subjected to. I am hoping you can find someone, anyone, to contact me who has the authority to action a resolution of my complaint.  


My first call to Vodafone was on the 24 July 2018 and to date I have now repeated and explained our problem to 9 different Customer Service agents taking a total time of 8 hours that I have spent on calls to Vodafone (one call lasted 1.7 hours, most calls lasted 1 hour) plus 4 hours research on historical billing, totalling 12 hours to try and resolve this problem.


I have had 3 “Ticket” numbers provided by Customer Services all of which were  passed on to relevant departments all with promises of a call back within 24-48 hours.  No-one has called me from Vodafone.  I have sent numerous emails to several Customer Service agents none of whom resolved the problem and they all said they will refer it on to other departments who have never call me back.  The latest  CS person assured me his Manager will call me back within the hour, that was two days ago.


The problem I initially had was with my Mobile Flexi Plan account which has now been resolved (not due to your Customer Services people but through my own diligence and investigations).  The outstanding issue of my concern is that my Flexi Plan was canceled by Vodafone due to lack of funds. The lack of funds was due to Vodafones misguided information they gave me back in mid 2017.  All CS personnel seem to agree that Vodafone gave me the wrong information in 2017 which ultimately resulted in my Flexi Plan being cancelled.  Customer services re-instated my Flxi Plan but my 8 months of accrued credits were lost and I started back on zero.  So now, after 12 hours of lost time and numerous emails I would like the accrued credits of data and minutes be returned to my Flexi Plan account (impossible according to Customer Services) or suitable money value credited to my Flexi Plan balance.


Can you please help me resolve this issue without having to explain it all again to another anonymous person. All the Customer services people mentioned in the following “My Complaint” explanation have received same emails, screenshots, bank account details and billing information.


Your help would be much appreciated.




PS I have a record of every telephone call time and date.




Early in 2017 we entered into Vodafones Flexi Plan on our phone 02*****1866.  On Vodafone advice we set up an Automatic Payment every 28 days to a/c 3969204   02*******866.  Our bank statements confirm a payment of $11 every 28 days has been withdrawn and paid to Vodafone since 27 Feb 2017.  Around mid July 2018 we discovered the plan account had been cancelled due to lack of credit. On 24 July 2018 we contacted customer services and explained the situation to Rahul Debnath.  I emailed him a screen shot of our bank statement AP and he agreed a problem had occurred,  and that the payment had not been recorded as received. He advised that he would re-instate our Plan and assured me that any Monthly Roll Over credits (Data and Minutes) that were accrued previously would be continued. 


Several days later we made a 707 to our message service and it advised we did not have enough credit (20c). We rang Customer service on 1 Aug 2018 and spoke to Nehal Soni. We explained the situation again and added our concern as to why our credit was so low given we pay $11 each 28 days since early 2017 for a $10 Plan. I requested our monetary statement of usage.  Soni advised we place an $5 IOU to keep the plan going and she would investigate our concerns regarding the 28 day payments. She gave me a ticket No INC000002494387.


On 1 Aug we received a spreadsheet of our billing for our phone 021******. Unfortunately the Dates column was unreadable, however we can almost guess the dates of each transaction.  It would appear that  since 27 Feb none of our $11 payments have been recorded as being received into our Vodafone Flex plan account. 


The spreadsheet Soni provided of our billing statement only goes back as far as Feb 2017 (remember this is a guess as no dates are provided). It shows , in February, $58.27 was manually  loaded onto this Plan . Since Feb 2018 Vodafone have taken $10 off our account for the Flex Plan and it has taken till 24 July 2018 to reduce our balance to $0. Then our Plan was cancelled due to lack of funds.


On 2 Aug we emailed Soni to advise none of our AP payments appear on her billing statement and asked her to investigate. Later that day we had a call from a man at Customer service. It was obvious he had no idea what our complaint was about, so we explained it all again. He said he could not help and said he would refer this to the billing department. We asked, and he confirmed, that they would contact us before 11am on Friday 3 Aug. To date we have not been contacted by Vodafone. 


Note added 4 Aug:   

We then contacted Vodafone again and spoke with Viral (46 mins), we requested the status of our Ticket Number. He informed us that that Ticket (INC000002494387) was  "closed as resolved'. We explained that we have had no contact or resolution and so we had to explain our problem allover again.  He could not help us and  forwarded our complaint to another department with another Ticket no INC000002495558  and they will contact us within 24-48 hours. No-one contacted us.


Note added 8 Aug:

I again contacted Customer services and spoke with  Josi at 12.45pm again i had to repaet our problem and after listening to our problem referred us to Ron at 1.00pm      So we explained it all again to Ron . Ron also could not help, wrong department, so he  transferred  me at 1.30pm to Darsham and we explained it all again.  He said he was going to sort it out and call me back. I was on the phone for 1 hour 21 mins.  Darsham has raised a Ticket No CRT0000011224   saying  Vodafone will reply in 24 - 48 hours. No-one has called since.


Note added 10 Aug


So again called Vodafone, spoke with Reghav at 2.50pm, call lasted 25 mins. We had to explain our problem all over again . He informed me he would investigate and that someone would get back to me in 24 - 48 hours.   No -one called me.

Note added 16th Aug


So again contacted Vodafone spoke with Mili at 10.30am and had to explain our problem all over again. She referred me to Manthan. And we had to explain our problem all over again to Manthan. He promised someone would call me back in 1 hours time.  No one called.


Now I am sending this to you. 


We  have had to deal with nine people at Vodafone call centre (Rahul, Soni, Viral, Josi, Ron two unknowns , Raghav, Mili and Mantham, ) amounting to a total of 8 hours of phone calls and requiring several hours of our research for dates, times, amounts, checking bank accounts and deciphering Vodafone s billing accounts. Total time allocated to the problem created by Vodafone is about 12 hours of our time. We have repeated our story 7 times, we have had not one single phone call from Vodafone the whole time. 





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Re: How many times do you have to call Vodafone CustomerServices

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Frankly I would use the Complanits procedure

Fill out the online form (copy - paste what you have here)

They have so long then to resolve this or go to the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution and take it further.


I have has "issues" and used this and within days I have had results!


Should need to put up with uninterested "staff" who pass the buck and just dont care.


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Re: How many times do you have to call Vodafone CustomerServices

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Thanks for that. I tried to get to some form of complaints procedure or form but could not find it on the web site, it must be buried behind all the other stuff they use trying to resolve problems..


I have also sent it to Gareth Suttons email as well who i believe is the Customer Complaints executive so hopefully someone somewhere will call me.

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