Expedition on processing on order

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Expedition on processing on order

by serpentseven Starter Poster
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Hi there, 


I am a desperate for help in this matter. 


I am a healthcare worker, requiring a phone service to continue my work in the community. 


I have been trying to rectify this for two days.

I need somebody who can simply complete my pay monthly extra large plan order online!  


i already have a vodafone sim in the phone. 


Someone have any idea on how to go about this? 

There is no option to do this on the app,

TOBI is useless and doesnt lead anywhere-

I have left messages on Messenger - no answer, I have called three different 0800 and 777 numbers , it keeps hanging up without leading to a human to talk too.


I answer these are unprecedented times but surely there is someone at the call centre with the powers to activate a plan on my phone ? 

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Re: Expedition on processing on order

by thepatter New Poster
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I am having exactly the same issue.  I am here from the UK self isolating because I arrived 3 days ago and I bought it so I have communication.  I have a pre paid SIM card in the phone but the cost is prohibitive I have to top up every day.  So I purchased the plan on line and recieved the email confirmnation but it wont activate. 


Anyone - help!!


I have called so many times, tried the Q&A to find answer, tried TOBi (useless) id you get an answer please advise!!!


Thanks and thank you for working on the frontline for us right now.



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Re: Expedition on processing on order

by Staff olscott Staff
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Please send me a private message with your account number or mobile number by clicking my username and I am happy to look into this for you.






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Re: Expedition on processing on order

by Becstacey1 New Poster
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I am currently experiencing a similar problem. I recently made an order for a new phone and plan to go with and received a confirmation email and have since had my deposit cancelled or returned for what ever reason?
I’ve tried tirelessly to get in contact with anyone who can help me understand what is going on with my order to no avail. I’m also experiencing issues with the current phone I’m using so having this order processed as soon as possible would be a life saver as I need it for personal and business reasons. I understand the current situation is tough but I’ve waited 3 days to not get a single reply to an email, message on Facebook and the chat bot currently being useless.
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Re: Expedition on processing on order

by Sethcc New Poster
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I also have tried to transition to a new plan but it says the plan is pending. I have tried multiple phone numbers, favebook, chat bot and now the community. I know this current time is making things difficult but I actually thought the call centre was not even based in New Zealand and so could assist. I think it just needs a person to push accept or something along those lines.

Please can you look into my account,

Thank you
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