Dispointed Customer Service!!!

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Dispointed Customer Service!!!

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I am so dispointed about this Vodafone Customer service. So I use a monthly plan for a long time ago.But I was left NZ at this year August.Then I started to call the Vodafone's customer service to cancel my monthly plan.And this is how the whole nightmare started!


I dont know how busy the Vodafone's company are.But I can not directly contact with the people that have the authority to cancel my monthly plan.


And I have to wait for like half hour for another guy that I need to speak with.But this is all cost me with a international mobile fee!I have to pay 10 cent NZD every 8 second.And I have to keep wait, wait wait.


So now I am just gonna say ,I will not pay the bill.And I will wait till the Vodafone team to contact me back!!!


Or ,you can give me a email that someone can help this out.That is it.You can not charge me with something I already tell you to cancel!!!

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