Disappointed in no loyalty benefits

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Disappointed in no loyalty benefits

by Amwaaz Starter Poster
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Does anyone know of any loyalty benefits? I've been with Vodafone for years and there used to be free upgrades for people like me who had been On Account customers for a long time - you'd get a free phone of a certain value after 2 years or a certain amount of a new phone. But now there's nothing. I've been with Vodafone for almost 10 years and when I went to upgrade to a new phone and plan there was no deal and no retention package. Just the same deals as in the shop. Now I'm just going to look around at the other places as well. Nothing to keep me at Vodafone if other places have deals to switch.
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Re: Disappointed in no loyalty benefits

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I'm sorry you're disappointed. The 'free' upgrade was supported by an Add-On called New Phone Every Year, do you still have that?



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