Data roaming in the Philippines

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Data roaming in the Philippines

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Hi, I'm recently just having international data roaming issues all of a sudden.

I'm on My Flex Prepay and activated international roaming. I traveled to Singapore and bought the $19 Roaming Add-On while I was there and everything worked just fine.

I then flew to the Philippines and for the first day I was there, data roaming was ok, too. But I lost roaming data services the day after, and haven't been able to use it since. I can still place calls and send SMS, but I'm not able to access the Internet.

I called customer service and I was advised to turn off all mobile and data roaming tickboxes, shut the phone, remove the SIM, wait for 5 minutes, and put it back on. As promising as this seemed, it didn't work.

As a second solution, customer service suggested I downgraded the preferred network type to 3G and/or 2G. I did this, too, including rebooting my phone after each change (just in case), but this didn't solve the issue either.

Can someone please point me to a solution? Thanks.

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