Customer services seem unable to fix account order issue

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Customer services seem unable to fix account order issue

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Placed a renewal order February time for my line and another on Red share, simply just to move to the equivalent priced plan and get the increased datat/benefits etc. 


Credit check issue and after a a month of calls and a few hours on the phone turns out to an expired ID on the account. Went  into store with updated ID, no luck, still failed. Turns out it was a Visa that needed updated. 


Anyways, 3 months later after someon actually finds out what the issue is its approved. Another wait, no change on account. Two calls now to sales who initially cant see the order. End up speaking with the usual very helpful person who promises x y and z. Nothing. 


How to getsomeone from Vodafone to actually sort this out? nearly 4 months, 6h on the phone and I wanted to do was update my plan as a long term customer, which you would have thought would be automatic as benefits and allowances evolve. 


One more call then we're off somewhere else. 


Can a Ninja look in to this for me via PM perhaps?



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