Credit Record Dispute On-Account Mobile Plan with Vodafone

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Credit Record Dispute On-Account Mobile Plan with Vodafone

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Hi all,


This is going to be a long post but I really appreciate any help I can get.


So a bit of background:


About two and a half years ago I had an On-Account plan under my name. I added my at the time girlfriend onto the account as a shared data user. When we parted ways at the end of 2015, we went together to a Vodafone store to complete a Change of Ownership form. The salesperson we dealt with verbally confirmed that was all that was required and, from that point on, the account was completely under her name, and I had no liability.


Fast forward to December 2017.


I returned from being overseas for a year and a half and did a credit check using Dun & Bradstreet's new Credit Simple website. I found that for the last two years, all late payments my ex-girlfriend had made on the Vodafone account (that should be under her name), had been going onto my credit record and having a severe impact on my credit score.


I started with contacting Vodafone, calling the regular 0800 number thinking that this would be something simple to rectify. Boy was I wrong. After calling many times, I finally found someone who was able to navigate their internal systems to retrieve the account information. This CSR sent through a request for the owner of the Vodafone store we completed the CoO at to contact me. I spoke to her and she advised me that the person who completed the CoO form with us no longer worked at that store, and that she took over ownership of the branch and was not able to find any documentation. She further told me she as an independent branch is unable to rectify my issues and that Vodafone Headquarters are who I need to be speaking with. She was very helpful but couldn't do anything further for me.


The CSR discovered that the person who filed the CoO actually just added my ex-girlfriend as an Authority on the account, so it was never transferred to be under her name. I was advised that I need to have the account closed and have my ex-girlfriends number moved off it so nothing further could go against my name.


This leads me to understand that two things needed to be resolved. The first thing being the closure of the account that is still under my name (which still has my ex's number on), and the second being to have any undesirable credit reporting since December 2015 be moved to my ex's credit record and to have those entries quashed on mine.


Unfortunately, this CSR who attempted to help me made no progress with either of these issues and eventually stopped replying my to text messages.


More calls to Vodafone and I spoke to a woman from the Credit Team who had no idea what to do, and instead just passed me along to someone else. I spoke to numerous other CSR's, all of whom either could not help, or would pass me along to further people, just as unwilling to help as them.


Finally, earlier this year, I managed to speak to a Team Leader who made an effort to help. She actually went out of her way to contact other teams (as my issues require multiple departmental interventions). And through her, one of these issues was resolved. She managed to have my ex-girlfriend transferred off the account, all debt on the account quashed and the account closed (all of which I have in writing).


She also verified that there is in-fact a record of the CoO in the account's records from December 2015 showing that it was in-fact filed, but someone in the Change of Ownership department screwed it up. And that brings me to where I am now.


I don't know who to speak to with at Vodafone to get my credit record issue sorted. I know that if I call the 0800 number, it is highly likely I will again be put through to incompetent CSR's who either can't be bothered, or simply don't know how to help me with this issue. I have contacted Dun & Bradstreet and they say I need to contact Vodafone. And the woman I spoke to earlier from the Credit Team said I have to contact Dun & Bradstreet (obviously nobody wants to take responsibility for this).


I have contacted the CAB, and they have advised me to try sort this out with Vodafone and/or Dun & Bradstreet. And if that doesn't work, to contact the Privacy Commission or a lawyer.


To me, this shouldn't be something hard to rectify, but I believe that because Vodafone is such a large organisation, and because it is so easy to pass on problems to another department/person, that is what will continue to happen.


Please, can somebody advise me on what to do to get this resolved? It is extremely frustrating calling Vodafone over and over again.


Thank you.

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Re: Credit Record Dispute On-Account Mobile Plan with Vodafone

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Hi @ablum


I'm really sorry to hear about such a poor experience. Glad to hear it has been partially sorted. 


Can you PM me any account numbers, phone numbers, references you have etc, and I'll follow up with team credit to have the credit reporting corrected with DnB.

- Sam

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