Confirming plan suspension

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Confirming plan suspension

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Hi VF,


Is there any way to confirm  that my plan has been suspended for 90 days?

I'm presently overseas (at sea) for the next while and rang up yestaerday whilst still in port to put my plan on hold for 90 days.


The agent got me to pay for my remaining month interest free payments all in one go + a card fee - is this normal?


I don't have the ability rto to ring up as I only have a small amount of satellite data available each day. Happy to try and PM someone my account details to check. Concern is THAT I've been terminated or overcharged.





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Re: Confirming plan suspension

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Hi Sam

If you have a Interest Free Monthly device repayment, you can’t suspend your account, hence why they removed it and you paid the balance.

Feel free to Private Message me your number and I’ll check it’s been suspended correctly, bright and early tomorrow morning.

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