Cell Phone Hacked:

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Cell Phone Hacked:

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I'm getting up to three or four calls a day from random Vodafone NZ numbers.


The first several calls looked like genuine 021 numbers from someone, so I answered them.


Only to find there would be a slight delay then someone in a call centre would be there saying my


Vodafone home broadband had been hacked and he wanted to fix it.


 This had the scam alarm bells ringing straight away, besides I don't get my home broadband from Vodafone.


After three or four calls I started to press "don't answer". I then blocked the number but it's just a matter of time before


another 012 number comes in. It doesn't matter how many times I block them, they just keep coming.


It's been going on for a month now and I'm fed up. There are now well over 100 calls now in my call log.


I'm at the stage where I'm ready to buy a new SIM card and get another number to stop this.


I hear it's going on at Spark as well. Has anyone else been experiencing this?


Any suggestions?

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Re: Cell Phone Hacked:

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@hangmansbrother  Your cell phone is not hacked, Very misleading title to the thread


Nothing has been hacked just hang up on the calls or use a call blocker

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Re: Cell Phone Hacked:

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Your advice is useless because you're telling me to do what I'm already doing as mentioned in my post. 

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