Canadian phone

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Canadian phone

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Hello, I will be travellling from Canada to New Zeeland and Australia for several weeks. I have an unlocked i-phone 6s. From what I understand, I will be able to buy a sim card, purchace the "Kiwi Favorite" prepay plan for $19, and add on the 60 minutes of overseas calling to a landline for $2. I also understand the 200 minutes in the plan can be used for calling to either New Zeeland, or Australia. Am I getting this right, or am I totally out to lunch? Also, are the long distance charges already built into the minutes? Please tell me anything I need to know!

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Re: Canadian phone

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Thanks for your post. You're absolutely right on the phone and plan. The 60 minutes for $2 is built-in, nothing extra required there. Calling is for NZ and Aus. Your $2 for 60 mins includes Canada - details here.

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