Can I block a country from calling my mobile?

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Re: Can I block a country from calling my mobile?

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Hello the OP, on Android you can download a free reputable antivirus called SOPHOS from the UK. In that app there is a phone call blocking feature where you can insert a "WILD CARD" number to start so that ALL numbers starting with that combination will be blocked. I was spammed from the UK and Canada and thus, as I don't have friends there I wild carded *44 (UK) and *1(Canada) but you can Also wild card the Country and first set of numbers they are using as they only change the last set of numbers so WILD CARD UK *44 followed by the next 3 or 4 sets of numbers and it will block All with starting with that Prefix. I used Sophos AV for years. They are a reputable AV company dealing mainly with IT companies but offer the FREE, NO ADS version of Android Sophos of which is a rarity and they have Full marks with the AV tests and the App has many free features that most others charge for. If you don't want to install Sophos you need an app that can Block with a WILD CARD feature so that ALL combinations of those first few numbers will get blocked. I've got a S9+ now and I'm pretty sure it has the wild card feature in it but I stand to be corrected. Incidentally, I'm now getting spammed from an 09 Auckland landline ! Such a sad world with an ever decreasing space for Peace, Privacy and Tranquility. Happy Saturday from South Island. Good Luck
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