$29/mo plan, 300 minutes - no notification I've gone way over...

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$29/mo plan, 300 minutes - no notification I've gone way over...

by DuncanMcC Starter Poster
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How does this happen?


I've checked my TXT history, just the usual spam from Vodafone only Smiley Happy


If I run out of my data allowance, it stops - and I have to add on more data.


It seems if I run out of phone minutes, it just keeps going??? - at 68c/min - with no notification I've gone over. 


I have the mobile Android app, it never notified me.  No TXT from Vodafone to notify me.  (I've been through my history, but will double-check on a SMS Backup and Restore file - done: nothing).


So I've got 234 minutes over and above my 300 (which is most unusual for me - hence I really don't need or want more than that).  Should I near 300 minutes, I'm happy to *manually* add more on if I want.


But no... I've just got the bill for this 234 minutes over my 300 minutes and it's about $120 on top of my usual $85/mo bill.




Would you be happy with this sorta of carry on?  (or lack of!).


I need to know if I'm paying casual rates.  I need to know if my 300 minutes is running out.


I suppose some Ninja's gonna tell me I *should* have got a notification.  I'm reasonably tech savvy, and for the life of me, I can't find any TXT's to advise.  Is it my fault if I don't get the TXT (or other) notification.  What about an email?  Something!


My bill is more than double the normal amount!  Needless to say, I'm not very happy with this poor service.


Following this up with an online Chat, well that was *terrible*.  The chat bot "Neni" person could not identify my account - said I was not the owner! LOL.  Said my PIN was wrong.  Told me to call 888.  No, wrong dept. they put me on to residential.  They told me my PIN was good and looked up the usage.  Told me I should have got a notification or more.  I asked to "get this all in writting" - ie. can I email someone.  They said I can email via the site - but after I asked for the page that's on, they said, no, will have to go back to chat bot.

This is RUBBISH service Vodafone!  Chat or phone only.  Or here? Smiley Happy  Ready to quit Vodafone after many years with them.


Cheers,  Duncan.

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Re: $29/mo plan, 300 minutes - no notification I've gone way over...

by Teechick New Poster
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I’m in the same boat. Get a message when I have used 80% of my data but no warning about minutes... feeling a bit ripped off
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