$20 Prepay Issue (Credit being removed)

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$20 Prepay Issue (Credit being removed)

by Fletcher New Poster
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Hi there,


on the 26th of January, I purchased a $20 prepay for my iPhone. I was able to successfully call my voicemail and return a call; however, after trying to access my data and send a few texts, I realised that nothing was working properly. 


Upon logging into the "My Vodafone" app, I had read that my megabytes used came to $19.50, whereas my minutes used came to $0.50. This has created a lot of inconvenience for me and I'm wondering why this is happening as it has never previously occurred to me. 




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Re: $20 Prepay Issue (Credit being removed)

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post. Are you using a Pay & Go Prepay plan? $19.50 would equate to to roughly 100MB, which on an iPhone using a data connection is pretty easy to get through - maps, streaming, video etc. What else were you doing t the time?

Any software updates - apps or iOS?


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