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Has anyone else noticed the high Data usage when viewing TV on mobile data: This is my complaint


I have recently viewed a past TV programme using the TVNZ App.
I was astounded to see that a 20 min programme on mobile data used 350mb according to your calculations. I researched other providers and contacted TVNZ and they considered that 135mb was the upper limit for a 20 min programme. I then viewed another 30 min TV show on TVNZ App using mobile data and this time a 30 min session took 370mb od data. On both occasions I had not used mobile data for the previous 24 hours, I have restricted ALL my 65 Apps from using mobile data and ther is no way that any other data was being used at the time. My phone usage show no other Apps or downloads were being done at the time. In total my phone usage settings show I used 721mb fo the 50 mins viewings and the TVNZ App shows 711mb was used. On MY Vodafone account it also shows 723mb usage. So why does Vodafone use so so much cellular data for TV viewing. An email from TVNZ follows:

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Connor Montgomery (help.TVNZ)
Sep 4, 17:27 NZST

Hi Dave,

Thanks for messaging us. Watching TVNZ OnDemand online video uses a lot less data than many people think.

The app works by delivering the best picture quality possible at any given moment.

With a 10GB data cap, you could watch more than 60 half-hour shows per month via the TVNZ OnDemand app!

The app delivers you:

As an approximate guide, you may use the following amounts of data:

22 minute video (a half-hour episode on TV) - up to 161MB
44 minute video (a 1 hour episode on TV) - up to 322MB

So watching a 22min video will use less than 2% of a monthly 10GB data allowance.

Kind regards,

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