Roaming UK, Singapore, France & Australia

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Roaming UK, Singapore, France & Australia

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If I signed up to an unlimited plan; Can I add the hotspot add on - Then roam to Australia, Singapore, UK and France for $7 per day?


If I am going to different countries within a 24-hour period will I only be charged $7 - Or will I be charged $7 for each country, I am doing a stopover for a few hours in Singapore and I don't want to use wifi at the airport. 


If I only want this for a month how does the billing work?




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Re: Roaming UK, Singapore, France & Australia

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@JeremyTuckey  $7 for each county and as roaming is controlled by the home network I doubt PHS will work unless you are paying for it


Singapore aiport free Wi-Fi should be OK just make sure you connect to the official Wi-Fi

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