Network Upgrades?

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Network Upgrades?

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Hey there, 


Wondering if anyone (preferably someone at Vodafone) is able to provide some insight.


We bought a house in Oratia, West Auckland last month. As I run a business from home and require decent broadband to run my business, I did my due diligence before purchasing the property in regards to broadband options available to me. 


Apparently the property is 'too far from the cabinet' to ever have VDSL, so there was a pretty poor ADSL connection - Or, after numerous conversations with Vodafone prior to purchasing the house, I was assured that we were in the zone for Rural Broadband, which would provide a decent speed.


So, we purchased the property/home office - and Vodafone arranges the Downer technician out to come out and install the wireless antenna... low and behold, the guy gets here to find that there isn't a good enough connection and rural broadband wont be available to me. So, I am now stuck with a pitiful and basically unusable ADSL connection (most days it's about 1.5mbps download / 1mbps upload). 


We are literally FIVE minutes from Glen Eden, which I would consider a major suburb. It seems crazy to me that there is no 3 or 4G available here. 


Through a connection at Spark, I know that Fibre isn't scheduled to be laid until June 2020, so am not expecting that - and know there will never be VDSL due to proximity to cabinet, I would so desperately like to know if there are any scheduled upgrades to the mobile data coverage in this area, which might allow Vodafone to provide Rural Broadband (even though we aren't really rural).


Any help please!


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Re: Network Upgrades?

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Have replied to your DM



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