Data Allowance query

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Data Allowance query

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I am on a Red+Lite SIMo monthly plan which costs me $49/m because I get a $10 exclusive discount which was compensation for something in the past.

When I first joined Vodafone on this plan I got 2.5MB data which was upgraded to 4MB at some time a year or so ago. More recently I noted that the plan has been further upgraded to 10MB but so far I have not received the extra data allowance; I still get 4MB

A call to customer services was unhelpful and I got the runaround and the person I needed to ask about his was away on holiday or something.

Can anyone please tell me why I should not get the additional data at the current price (with my discount intact) as this is what is being advertised? If I re-sign on this plan I was told I would lose the discount.


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Re: Data Allowance query

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Thanks for your post Geoff. Simply put, if you resign to a new contract you'll get the additional data but you'll lose that discount. Are you spending more than $10 on extra data? If yes then a resign would make good sense.


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