Scam Robo-call from 098897821

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Scam Robo-call from 098897821

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Just a heads-up, I got a scam call from 098897821 at 12:25 today - sounds like a robo-call.  Said something about the IRD laying a law suit - obviously this is bollocks.


To the good Customers of Vodafone; If you get a call from the number above, don't answer it.


To the good Employees of Vodafone; can you block the above number (is possible).  I've reported the call to Netsafe, but I doubt much can be done.


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Re: Scam Robo-call from 098897821

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Thanks for sharing and for the info.



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Re: Scam Robo-call from 098897821

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ot everybody has caller ID.

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