Purchasing a pre-pay Voda for NZ trip

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Purchasing a pre-pay Voda for NZ trip

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I am visiting New Zealand for a couple weeks next month, and looking for a pre-paid phone for use while I'm there.

I realize I could buy a sims card to use in a current phone, but this is not the best option for me.

So as am thinking of buying a very simple cheap Voda phone (Smart Mini 7 or Smart E8) and a simple Flex Pre-pay plan.

Also I am in the US and read that they wont ship these phones out of NZ. True? Wouldnt be that much of a problem as we could have it sent to friends in aukland whom we will be visiting.

Seems simple and inexpensive, wondering if it is that simple. Any complications or issues we should consider?


Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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Re: Purchasing a pre-pay Voda for NZ trip

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Thanks for your post.


True, phones and SIM are not shipped out of NZ but yes could easily be sent to your Auckland address. No issues - would you want to call back to the US?



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