Problem with your computer SCAMMER

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Problem with your computer SCAMMER

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We've just moved in to a new place and have a new phone number.


We've been receiving several calls since from 'tech support' claiming we have problem with our computers. Of course having been warned of these scams, we hang up almost immediately, They are getting very annoying now. Unfortunately, it does't deter these scammers and they kept on ringing us up. 


I've already reported this to Vodafone, not sure what else we can do. I don't know how did they even choose our number to begin with or where they get from. Is it via Chorus / Vodafone. We've also asked for a change in phone number. Very frustrating as we've just updated our number.


Any tips? 






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Re: Problem with your computer SCAMMER

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Sorry, these scammers are a pest but there's not much you can do other than, if you have Caller ID not answer or simply hang up. They will get bored. I got a call just today myself.



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