OK, so I lost my rollover data

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OK, so I lost my rollover data

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So, being on Vodafone prepay I received my usual 28-day reminder "Check balance & top up if necessary" a few days ago.

So, I top up, but inadvertently I top up my wife's mobile instead of my own (the dates can easily be checked).


So this morning I receive  a text message to ram this fact home, and to brutally enforce the consequences:-

"Heads up, your plan is now on hold until you top up again. Because your plan is on hold and unused data and minutes have not carried over you are now paying casual rates. Head to the My Vodafone App to check your balance and top up".


My wife and I have been with Vodafone for over 15 years (2 mobiles, landline, broadband) and the salutation "Heads up" doesn't work for me.

I get the feeling that not only havre I just been fleeced for a silly mistake, but also rudely rebuked in a 'tough **bleep**' auto-message that was authored by a Vodafone employee with a distinct lack of customer awareness.


I don't expect that my minutes and data will be refunded, but perhaps Vodafone's automatic cut-off and messaging software could be changed to recognise that its long-term, loyal customers deserve better.


Phil Drane

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Re: OK, so I lost my rollover data

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Hi Phil, I agree it's a pain but you used a phrase unheard of at Voda "Customer awareness", you aren't a customer you are simply $$..

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