Can't access my Gmail account

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Can't access my Gmail account

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Hi. I have a tricky situation.

I cant access my Gmail account. I think someone has hijacked it.

When I try to recover the account, I get asked what month the account was made, what is the recovery email account, and what is the phone number. The recovery email address no longer exists. I do know the month the account was created, but Gmail still says they cant verify I'm the owner of the account. The phone number it asks for is a landline number, so I cant receive a txt from them when they want to send me a code. 

  Is it possible to go on Vodafone Wireless Home Phone temporarily , using my existing Vodafone landline number, in order to receive the txt on my phone? I cant think of another way.

If I could receive a code, then I could recover my account.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Can't access my Gmail account

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Apologies, the temp account won't be possible but found this info from Google that may help?


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