09 977 1141

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09 977 1141

by RitchieBrown New Poster
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Hi, this number rang me alot and hung up then someone talked to me today and i hung up on him thinking it was a scam.. But my partner said she got the same thing done to her plan so can i get a call back please?


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Re: 09 977 1141

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Please fill in your details here and our team will be able to get in touch with you to discuss your plan/pricing.





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Re: 09 977 1141

by NaomiLeach New Poster
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I'm also getting this number ringing as well, so can you please stop ringing as I've already said no or I'll go somewhere else plus I've also blocked the number and since it's been blocked I've had 6 phone calls what a joke sure they will get it that I'm not answering it, So no more please

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Re: 09 977 1141

by ElizabethGazzard Starter Poster
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Just had a call from 09 977 1141 - only rang for a short time on my cellphone not long enough for me to answer.  Glad I didn't!

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Re: 09 977 1141

by Daniella123 New Poster
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I am also getting these calls have had 6 of them iver the last 2 weeks starting to get really annoying
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