Vodafone apple compatibility

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Vodafone apple compatibility

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I have a Vodafone Huawei hg659 fibre connection I have spent the last two weeks and hours of my time trying to get my fibre connection to work, when it was installed after 6 months of effort on my part, they took my sky box away replaced it with a Vodafone tv box all good everything worked fine for about a month then it all turned to custard my broadband speeds dropped to 14 mbs, on the phone to Vodafone they blamed my switch and my cables on told me I had to get a separate IT tech to confirm everthing was fine on my end. Did that,  all my connections worked perfectly, then they replaced the modem,  same issue  back again on the phone , they then sent a chorus tech to replace Vodafone to box as they would not believe that I had very low internet speeds ,the chorus tech came checked everything said all was fine that it was a Vodafone issue. Right spent 3 hrs on phone with a very helpful tech Arti who believed me and finally got my internet speeds up to 100 mbs / 20 fine and it's stable, but now my switch still won't work with the modem, also I cannot use the LAN ports on the Huawei to connect my apple AirPort Extreme as if I do the Vodafone tv freezes and my internet connection disappears even through the modem says that it's connected spent another 2 hours on the phone with Vodafone tech who tried everything and finally went to her next level supervisor who advised her to tell me that the apple airports are not compatible with this router 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. Well why not there are thousands of apple routers out there, Vodafone do not tell you that apple devices are not compatible with their modem. What am I supposed to do now the wifi on the Huawei is very poor it cannot reach around my house and I cannot use half my equipment. 

I cannot be more frustrated I am very close to moving to aprovider who do not use Huawei products and are apple compatible.

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