Telling the truth

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Re: Telling the truth

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I completley agree with you. Vodafone has been taking me around in circles for the past week in regards to my order. One person telling me something, another person telling me something else. Lies and false hope! I have been waiting just over four weeks now for my order, and I still cannot be provided with an explanation or an apology. Disgusting service on Vodafone's part. The plan for my phone has been active as of last week, so I am now being billed on my account for a phone I don't even have. Angry, frustated and disspointed! 

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Telling the truth

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Well can't Vodafone customer services tell the truth?

Is it so they can tie you to contact? is that what its all about?


15th Sept ordered Iphone 7 plus informed should be with you in a week.

23rd Sept should be 4th Oct. 

7th Oct not sure when you will receive your phone. 


I have kept my promise and past my iphone 6 to the person who brought it from me and based on information thought I would have a phone by now. 





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