Talk to me about Vodafone Digital Service

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Talk to me about Vodafone Digital Service

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Mike Hales


Hi everyone


My name might be familiar as I am a regular around these parts, looking after the Community and answering your questions. In my role as Digital Service Manager, I am responsible for all the help content and tools you see and use online from Vodafone.


I want to be able to provide better help and answers to more of your questions, and to do that through not only the Vodafone Community but also the website, FAQs, videos, Device Guides and more. However, most importantly ensure you can find the right answer to your questions as quickly as possible and first time.


About me
I’ve been with Vodafone for more than 6 years but working in the digital space for nearly 20 years. And, one thing is for sure - tools and services like those I’ve mentioned above need to keep evolving and adapting to how you, our Vodafone customers live, work and play using Vodafone products.


So what is this Spotlight about?


Simple, I want to start a conversation with you.


With your help, I want to help you make the most of our products, and if things do go wrong, provide easy and quick answers to solve those things, and be informed of what the issue was and solution is.


Online, we provide focal points around products, services and the network. From those, we take you into video content, written answers like FAQs, interactive tools like Device Guides or, of course, this Community where you can not only ask the questions of us and other customers, but also provide answers.


So, my questions to start the conversation are:

  • How do you prefer to find answers to your questions?
  • What format do you prefer – video or text?
  • Is it all on your mobile or laptop?
  • What are the questions you’ve not been able to find answer for but expected to do so online?

We’ve new features rolling out over the coming year, so please help me to help you.


Please post your questions and I’ll pop back regularly to answer questions and provide news and updates on features.


I hope that this can be an open and ongoing conversation!







Please note: To ask me a question please start a new topic. (You'll need to be signed into Vodafone Community to post, if you're not a member already it's very quick and easy, will just take a minute to join! :smileyhappy:)
After you've done that, read the other posts in the dedicated board.

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