Spam on Paradise email

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by MikeHarvey47 Starter Poster
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Has anyone found an engineer yet to tell customers what is going on with the repeated failure of spam filters over the last 4-5 months!?!  The only responses we have had are recognition that there is a problem, and promise of fixes with at best some temporary improvements for a week or so.


On 8-Aug for instance I got 30 spams in inbox  120 spams in spam box, and 21 genuine messages


Thats a high spam ratio for a single day.

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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Sorry Chris but that line has been touted out so many times its worth nothing !!


There are many many unhappy Paradise and Clearnet customers at the moment !. Just read this thead:



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Re: Spam on Paradise email

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hi there, this is a knpown issue and our leaders are in the process of looking at making changes that should solve it. Please just hang in there a little longer I believe we are close to announcing a decision.

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Spam on Paradise email

by RobertDavies New Poster
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My email account is being constantly bombarded by offensive emails and has been for some time.  For example: 

i'm not into commitment. i just want a hard f*ck
think u can give me what i want?

my username is Olgi06
my profile is here

It is passed time something was done


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