Questions for Joel - Local Apps, Bing & Salespeople

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Questions for Joel - Local Apps, Bing & Salespeople

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Hey Joel,

Really cool that you are taking the time to answer questions from people enthusiastic about the platform.

I have a ton of questions I want to ask but I don’t want to scare you away so will just ask a couple Smiley Very Happy


What is Microsoft doing to encourage local app development in NZ? I am really happy with the platform in general but one thing I really wish was better is the amount local apps available on Windows Phone from businesses & services – Radio, TV, Banks even Telcos etc. There seems to be a lot more advertising & these apps & so it only seems to highlight what is regarded by many as the biggest shortfall of the WP platform.

I really hope this is something Microsoft is working on & if nothing else it would be great to see a localised version of something similar to uservoice.


Is there anything you can give us as to when Bing will be out of beta? Us WP users are used to waiting but it almost feels like they will have resurrected the moa before we get local scout here in NZ.


There have been quite a few stories in this forum about the less than positive in-store experiences people have had particularly from sales staff turning people away from the platform. Nik is good whenever something is raised in the forum but it is something that is well documented to happen in all countries. What is Microsoft doing in NZ to tackle this problem?


Was also going to ask a similar question as Brad did regarding accessories so no need to ask it twice but still thought I would mention it to be annoying. Really hope you can do something with accessories as it only adds to a handsets appeal plus wireless charging is a real point of difference. Nokia accessories are always great quality so personally I am happy to pay the extra.


Just my 20c, thanks again for taking time to answer my questions!


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Re: Questions for Joel - Local Apps, Bing & Salespeople

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Good point by Robbie there about some store staff not really taking Windows Phone seriously. I don't mean Vodafone staff either but most electronic stores. They almost give you a puzzled "why?" look when you ask them about the latest Windows Phones or if they stock accessories.

I was also wondering if Nokia / Microsoft will start advertising the brand more to get more public awareness. It's such a great platform but so many Kiwis just don't know about it or don't want to take the risk because it doesn't seem like a popular option.
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Re: Questions for Joel - Local Apps, Bing & Salespeople

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Hey Robbie!


Some really challenging questions there – great stuff, I like it! I’ll do my best to be as transparent as possible.


You are correct with local apps. There is definitely work to be done there. The age old catch 22 for this is that developers want to see the market-share before they are keen to invest in the apps. So what we are doing is spending time with our DX team to target the key ones that we can help to get across the line first. We are currently in talks with Vodafone (for example) on how we will get the My Vodafone app into the store. Believe me, this is top of mind and we are working very hard on it. Something to note; Microsoft have recently made it much easier for developers to build an app for both Windows 8.1 (for PC/tablet) and Windows Phone at the same time, with very little extra work. This will make the story much more compelling. FYI – I bank with BNZ, and I pin the mobile website to the start screen on my Lumia 930. Not as good as the experience of a quality Windows Phone app I know – but it is still pretty full featured in the meantime.


Regarding Bing – I have approached our DX team to see if I can get some answers on that one. I will come back to you in another answer if there is something I can share.


The in-store experience is something we are well aware of. To tackle this, we have launched a program with Vodafone called ‘Windows Phone Advisors’. This is a group of smart Vodafone Retail staff that are replied upon by peers, colleagues and customers for high level expertise in Windows Phone and Lumia, PLUS the greater Microsoft ecosystem. The Advisors have been kitted out with Lumia 930s, Windows 8.1 tablets, and are soon to be receiving Xbox Ones. They have spent a full day training with key Microsoft staff on Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox – not to mention all of the cloud services. This is just the beginning of the program as it is currently across 15 stores, including the exciting new Queen Street store. They are proving to be a great group, and really advocating the OS. This is a substantial time and financial investment from Microsoft, so I am keen to see it succeed and grow.


With you all the way on accessories!!





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Re: Questions for Joel - Local Apps, Bing & Salespeople

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Great answers thanks Joel!

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Re: Questions for Joel - Local Apps, Bing & Salespeople

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An example of the in-store experience is I went into the local Vodafone store in Newmarket today to ask about the Nokia 930. There were no Windows phones on display or mentioned anywhere. They had no stock and couldn't advise when or if they were getting any. If it's hard for me, an enthusiast, to get one I can't imagine how general phone buyers end up with one.

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