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Re: Not Paradise

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Please go into the webmail version of your service and check your spam folder - if you get your email through software on your computer, your local spam folder won't have it.


Vodafone webmail

Paradise webmail

Clearnet webmail

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Re: Not Paradise

by rachbrowne New Poster
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I am yet to receive an email from Vodafone after having had a paradise address for 21 years. Can you please forward me an email asap so I can start getting my mail forwarded please?


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Re: Not Paradise

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Hi @chillihead


We had intended to make sure all of our customers heard this from us directly but unfortunately media got ahead of us this time. Have you received an email from us now advising the clourse of our email service and how to set up mail forwarding?




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Not Paradise

by chillihead New Poster
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I have read that Vodafone will no longer have an email service. I have had my paradise account for a few years now. I have not had an email or any communication from Vodafone telling me of this. Just what I have seen on-line and in today's paper. Not a great way to treat customers in this day and age. 

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