Hi! I'm Joel from Microsoft Mobile

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Hi! I'm Joel from Microsoft Mobile

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Hello everyone!


My name is Joel, and I’m the Partner Manager from the Microsoft devices team that looks after Vodafone. Yep; Partner Manager is pretty much a fancy name for Account Manager, but it is used for the lucky ones like me that get to work with the most important partners like Vodafone!


You may know that recently Microsoft acquired Nokia, and yes; I am one of the ‘ex-Nokians’ that has made the transition across! The change has been really exciting, as it brings two pioneering companies together. But on a personal note – I get to work with some really incredible people who are fantastic at their jobs, and enjoy a good social occasion too. Priorities, right?


Including Nokia, I have been with the business for just over 4 years, and still get a kick out of every moment of it. The team at Vodafone sure know how to keep me on my toes, and they do it all for the betterment of the customer experience – so I am more than ok with it! They are a really great team to work with, and I learn a lot from them.


At work, my passion is trying to better understand Vodafone, by learning what Vodafone’s customers’ priorities are. So ultimately it gives me a great feeling when I hear stories from Vodafone sales teams about how they are successfully fulfilling their customers’ desires with Microsoft products.


This week I want to give you all the opportunity to ask some questions directly of Microsoft relating to any of our products and services or even the company itself. I am really excited and intrigued to know what the Vodafone Community is interested in, and what is important to you!



Dylan's note: To ask Joel a question please start a new topic. (You'll need to be signed into Vodafone Community to post, if you're not a member already it's very quick and easy, will just take a minute to join! :smileyhappy:  Email if you have trouble registering.) After you've done that, read the other posts in the dedicated board.

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