Dual SIM phones

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Dual SIM phones

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Are any of the Lumia Dual Sim variants planned to be available in NZ?  I would love to be able to deploy a bunch of mid to low end phones with dual sim capability (eg lumia 630)  to our staff so they can have a single handset with their work sim in it, and allow them to also put their private sim in the device, so they don't have to carry two devices.


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Re: Dual SIM phones

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Hi there


Dual sim phones make up a small part of our range, however we haven't had the demand in NZ to support a ranging decision to date. It is hard to guess what will happen in the future, but based on demand I am not expecting to see one ranged.


Sorry if this is not ideal for you - I would of course love to see veryone happy.!



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Re: Dual SIM phones

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India is by far the largest dual SIM market in the world and you can easily buy Dual SIM phones online.


India is the largest dual SIM market becasue it costs next to nothing for a new SIM (even though they have government SIM ownership regulations) and they have a crazy amount of plan providers and so people pick up separate call or data plans.  It is good for travel having dual SIM (I carry two phones) but the configuration of how the primary and secondary SIM are used is not always that flexble so it is worth looking into.

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