Updating balances via SMS through app

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Updating balances via SMS through app

by aonghas New Poster
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Hi Paul,


I don't know if this has been suggested yet but I wonder if there's a way to update the balances shown in the app via a background SMS similar to how you can text BAL to 777 to receive your plan balances? This would mean you don't have to use mobile data to update your balances. I guess this would only be useful if you could suppress the response SMS from showing up in your SMS inbox though...

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Re: Updating balances via SMS through app

by Staff VodafonePaul Staff
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Hi Aonghas


We are looking at new ways to make getting your balance quicker and even simpler,  I'm considering a couple of options there,  that said you don't actually consume data to when you use or our Apps.  (Note:  Our apps use Google Maps for store finder,  we can not zero rate traffic there)


Not sure what phone you are using Aonghas, but if you have an Android device you can use our Android widget,



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