I'm Paul, business owner of My Vodafone

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I'm Paul, business owner of My Vodafone

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Hi there all, My name is Paul,  I’m the business owner of Vodafone’s self service channels, I have been with Vodafone for 5 months now, I am passionate about creating customer self service platforms that save customers time and makes having a Vodafone service simple.  I am an advocate of continuous delivery,  “translated” I like to deliver tools that customers find useful and I like to deliver it as quickly as possible.   I’d love to hear what you think about My Vodafone, what are your expectations for a customer self service system?


My Vodafone is our customer self service tool,  you can access it from your tablet,  your desktop or your mobile phone.  My Vodafone allows our customers to be in control of their accounts, so customers can;

-          View their current balance

-          Check out how many TXTs minutes & data they have left

-          Topup a prepay phone or pay your bill

-          Manage and update your addons

-          And many more features


I mentioned I’m passionate about continually making My Vodafone better with each version,  in our last version we delivered some exciting new features:

-          Multiple accounts – Run a business?  Manage your families connections,  you can now see other accounts you have access to in the My Vodafone apps.


-         Made it easier to top up or pay your bill

Some customers told us that they couldn’t see how they were tracking on spend in relation to the number of days remaining until their data/mins/txt was refreshed, so we introduced a days remaining circle, so customers can see if they are ahead or behind.


So tell me,  what would you like to see in My Vodafone,  the team are already working on the next feature.


My Vodafone App UIMAC With Check Usage Screen


I’ll be back over the next couple of days to answer your questions directly and after that I’ll be on the Community tracking this conversation, so you can always pop back if you have a new suggestion or feedback!


Thanks, I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback




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Re: I'm Paul, business owner of My Vodafone

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Hi all


I've turned off posting in this board now as the Community Spotlight has closed. If you have questions about My Vodafone please do start a new topic in the My Vodafone board. We'll have a new Community Spotlight coming soon.





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