All about Community Spotlight

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All about Community Spotlight

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Welcome to our first Community Spotlight!


Community Spotlight is a series of expert events where you can talk directly to the people in Vodafone who are normally behind the scenes working on everything we do!


Our first expert is Paul Bartlett, he's the business owner of My Vodafone. The My Vodafone Community Spotlight runs from 2:30pm Monday 4 November to 10pm Wednesday 6 November 2013.


As always, our community guidelines apply and additionally here are a few tips to keep the event running smoothly.


  1. Start a new thread for each question so we don't have to worry about questions getting hidden in conversation or missed.
  2. Paul will be available to answer questions throughout the event but he does have a regular job to do so please allow time for a response.
  3. Paul will not be able to comment on products or services that haven't been announced so please keep the conversation on topic for the community.


Paul has posted an introduction about him to get you started


Have fun!



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