vodafone braodband bill

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vodafone braodband bill

by StephAnnie New Poster
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I got an automated call yesterday saying my broadband payment is overdue. I make an automatic payment to Vodafone every month so this should not be the case unless you have changed your account number? Also, I no longer receive invoices or statements via email - are you no longer sending these? I am locked out of my online Vodafone account. It says it will send an email so I can verify my account but despite initiating this many times I never received an email so I can't verify or use my online account/ statements etc.

account number 20479599

S Casey


Thank you


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Re: vodafone braodband bill

by Staff Chex7 Staff
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Hi StephAnnie,


I have sent you a private message  Smiley Happy




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Disconnected in error

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by GrantSidaway New Poster
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You have disconnected our broadband service in error. Tried using your Chat Facility (several times) got down to the last few in the que then the message said nobody was available and to try later, or use this facility. You bill us incorrectly every month and every month I call - you apologise, make a manual adjustment to the account which shows as a credit but still you keep billing me incorrectly - now you have cut us off, but its your incorrect billing system, we are up to date call me please



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Re: Disconnected in error

by Staff Skylar Staff
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Hi Grant please send me a private message with your account details and I can investigate this for you.

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