very slow internet on (200mbps) fibre

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very slow internet on (200mbps) fibre

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Before I start, we've called Vodafone about 4 to 5 times THIS WEEK now and this issue hasn't been resolved. We have been on fibre for about 3+ years now and have moved houses at the beginning of this year (around February), we've had fibre here for about 4 months now and the internet here has been very underwhelming. 


As a University student, I rely on a stable internet connection in order to do my work (research, etc) but at the moment it's not possible on internet this volatile (0.5mbps - 50mbps). It's gotten worse over these past few weeks, I've called up Vodafone and the answers I was getting were the most unhelpful, mediocre answers ever, it appears like their call team are completely uneducated on this topic so I've come to the forums. 


The main issue is how volatile the internet is. At this point, I don't even care that I'm paying extra for 200mbps and am averaging 20, I just want consistent internet 

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