vdsl seems slow

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vdsl seems slow

by NathanB New Poster
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Hi all,


Firstly let me say i'm not the most computer savvy person around so i'm just looking for some advice/guidence on vdsl and what speeds you think are reasonable.


I moved about 12 months ago from a house where i was getting about 29Mbps download consistently on speedtest into a house where, when I first connected i was getting about 15Mbps. This has steadily gotten slower since first moving in. Over the past two months or so i've had download speeds from a minimum of 2Mbps to a maximum of 9Mbps.


I've called vodafone a few times and they keep telling me everything is fine or the usual "try turning the modem off and back on" which never does anything.


Vodafone says on their site vdsl speeds are between 15-100Mbps which i haven't got since the first month of moving in and even then it was only the minimum 15Mbps.


I remember when i first got vdsl connected at the old place a technician was sent around to check the wiring and such but when i moved and asked if a technician had attend i was told it wasn't neccesary and to just plug in my modem so i've never had anyone do any line testing or such on this new place.


So any advice about what to do would be appreciated.







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Re: vdsl seems slow

by Staff Bogemon Staff
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Hey Nathan


Looks like you got a fault. What you can do is you can check what kind of speeds you can get using this -


call in to report the fault but do this if possible before calling in.


Connect your modem Directly to your JackPoint using the telephone cable ( the one with the rectangular white end to the wall and the transparent end to the Modem)


unplug all other devices from other Jackpoint ( sky, phone, filters, etc) except for the Modem.


Also changing the modem will not have any affect on this so no point in buying or requesting new one until the line is checked.


Also remember to do the speedtest only using a ethernet cable as Wireless Speedtest are too inconsistent and incorrect.



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