unsatisfactory services

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unsatisfactory services

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I have been trying to get someone to deal with my problem with my landline and still getting no where.  My landline has been out of service since last week Wednesday.  And I was told that a sevice person will come and fix it.  Nothing has been done.  I rang yesterday and someone told me I had to go back to copperline before my phone would work.  What a lot of crock.  Then I was told that the new service has been updated and I needed to get panasonic phones that are compatible with the new service to work.  Well guess what I do have panasonic phones and theyre not working.  I'm sick and tired of being sent to all these different departments and end up talking to someone I cant understand.  Vodafone service sucks big time.  I am seriously wanting to change service if you do not respond to my needs.  This is clearly bad business and customers need to be told how seriously bad Vodafone treats its customers.  


My complaint is valid, I refuse to pay for a service that is not servicing the customer to a satisfactory order.

Please do not ignore this, or back bench me like you do on customer services on the phone.  Not very good.


Please deal with my concerns professionally or I will take this further.

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Re: unsatisfactory services

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Very sorry for the hassles to date. Can I just check, have you recently been upgraded to VDSL with voice over broadband calling? And, you plugged your phone into the back of modem and nothing working?



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Re: unsatisfactory services

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PM us your account number and we ll take a look at this.





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