moving house

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moving house

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Hi I’m Patrick. I called last week with movinghub manager, but I don’t remember his name. Basically, I made a decision last weekend to use the Vodafone internet that I am currently using since I move in new house (xxxxxx) on 15 December. Maybe my wife wrote Vodafone fixed line application from on FEBRUARY and also joined your product that you promoted at that time. I still have contract document I signed with you. Her first name is xxxxxx. She is existing account member. Her broadband account number is xxxxxx.

This promotions name is Smart connect-naked $480 credit. Fibrex speed is 200mbps and data pack is unlimited. Moreover, contract term is 12months. I am now paying $69.99 per month. So after moving house, I’d like you to maintain the same services and package that I have the contract with you.

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Re: moving house

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Hi, I've removed the personal details from your post, would advise against posting those in a public forum. Have you spoken with our moves team about maintaining your current services?


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