modems that are IPSEC compatible on the 700MHz 4G Rural Broadband Network

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modems that are IPSEC compatible on the 700MHz 4G Rural Broadband Network

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Rural 4G broadband on the extended range freqency 700MHz has been around for some time now with good success - in the TASMAN region where I am based. Typically, last year, users of the 700MHz system were getting 20MBPS down and 20MBPS up!

I am running a business that has various staff logging into our local network from remote locations using IPSEC VPN tunneling. The major choke point for our business is that the upstream on the VDSL from our location has been locked at 2MBPS upstream which is quite frankly barely functional for the scale of our operation. Apparently the upstream choke on our VDSL is due to the shoddy quality of the junctions which we are seeking a second opinion on.
We desperately desire the 20down:20up experiences by the 700MHz 4G users, and previously both Vodafone and Telecom technicians confirmed for me that, while they were not currently available in early 2017, it was expected that there will be IPSEC compatible 4G 700MHz routers available soon.
It has now been some time so I am expecting a reply from this forum post from some Vodafone Ninja who will point me in the direction of a 4G 700MHz compatible IPSEC router that we can purchase and configure to work with the Vodafone network.

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