fibre boradband is very slow

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fibre boradband is very slow

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we buy the internet for a long time. But the speed of fibre broadband is very slow. My friends choose the same plan with us, and never have this problem. 

Fibre optic networks are very slow, especially at night. I even sometimes take a long time to open the website. I confused why the fibre broadband looks like this. 

I am a student and I need the network to finish my assignments, but the poor network makes me very inconvenient.


My roommate and I call the Vodafone a lot of times because of this issue. But nobody can give a good answer and a good solution. 


I want someone can help to solve this issue for me. 


Thank you.


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Re: fibre boradband is very slow

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@LillianLee  Are you testing over Wi-Fi or Ethernet? Fibre is not slow the way end users do testing make it seem slow


If over Wi-Fi then don't as Wi-Fi can be a bottle neck on your side and where are you testing to?

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